Best Fit Clients

Sometimes you just want companies to tell you truthfully whether or not you're a good fit to be their client?  Well here you go...

The most natural fit clients for Soteritech are those organizations that have substantial intellectual property they want to protect, as well as cleared contractor organizations.  Here are some examples.



The healthcare industry has one of the highest rates of insider threats and damage due to internal theft of not only intellectual property such as new advances in medical science, but also simple patient data.



The Department of Defense and its supporting national defense contracting firms are prime targets for insider threats attempting to steal secret plans for new, advanced weapon system designs that would fetch a handsome price from foreign organizations.


Cleared contractors

Government contractors with secret or above level clearances are prime targets for foreign nationals to gain information regarding our nation's secrets, especially from those supporting black ops agencies. 

if your organization has intellectual property you want to keep safe, we can help.