Another Contractor Arrested

So another Booz Allen contractor was arrested for a NSA breach.  Washington Technology reported that "The search uncovered hard-copy documents and digital information that was stored on various devices and removable storage devices.  The documents were marked as Top Secret and Sensitive Compartmented Information. The search also found $1,000 worth of stolen government property."

As these types of stories continue to reach the news, I am more curious about the indicators that must have been present prior to, or even during these events occurring.  Were they based on greed... revenge... family need... allegiance to a foreign nation?  We may never know the true reason... but it happened... and it will have an impact on our nation.

Training your company or agency on 1) how to recognize insider threats; 2) where to report insider threat indicators within your organization; and 3) how to feel comfortable reporting questionable colleagues; is of utmost importance to the security of our nation.