The slippery slope...

Great story from HRM Canada regarding the fine line between employee discipline, and dismissal.  How would you react?

These factors come into play...

  • Whether there was any confusion on the part of the employee personally or resulting from the employer’s rules or policies, or from the employer’s enforcement thereof, particularly regarding the goods in question.
  • Whether theft is a problem in the workplace, and the employer’s response to other instances of theft in the workplace.
  • Whether the theft was premeditated, or the result of confusion or an impulsive momentary aberration.
  • The nature and seriousness of the theft (including the value of the goods involved).
  • Whether there was a single act of theft, or a pattern of theft-related or other dishonest conduct.
  • The grievor’s behaviour and reaction when confronted with the allegation of theft.
  • The grievor’s character and reputation for honesty in the workplace and in the community generally.

Great article that helps bring the human factors into context.  It's not just about someone trying to access a classified file, or plugging in a thumb drive.  You can't track intention through a monitoring tool.