Tip Line

The Soteritech anonymous insider threat tip line is active and available to any organization who would like to encourage their employees to "say something" if they see something that might be an insider threat indicator.  The service is free of charge from Soteritech.  Often employees are reluctant to call-out a fellow employee if something seems a bit off about a colleague, or they witness the colleague involved in an insider threat activity.  They give the benefit of the doubt, especially if they might be identified as the whistleblower.  They fear they could be wrong about their suspicion, or potential reprisals from the organization.  

As organizations though, we want to encourage employees to provide this type of information, but also want them to feel comfortable doing it.  For this reason, Soteritech intermediates on behalf of the informing employee by simply collecting the insider threat information and intended destination email, reviewing it, and then forwarding the information (un-altered) on the employee's behalf.  It's a great free service I hope organizations will take advantage of.  Contact me if you have questions... doug.sampson@soteritech.com.