Dear Healthcare Provider... How's your Insider Threat Program?

Ever wonder whether or not your personal information... your "really personal" information is safe with your healthcare provider?  How many times have you stepped up to the window and been asked about your social security number... or what's your reason for the visit?  Then you put it all down on a piece of paper and hand it to the receptionist.  Well... what happens to that piece of paper?  Ever wonder how long it sits on someone's desk?  Ever wonder how long it takes to get safely tucked away in a folder... a folder stuck in a file cabinet... that anyone can access during the day?  

Not talking about a systems breach here, but a data breach none the less.  Imagine an employee making copies of the personal information of all patients in a clinic, or a hospital.  Then they sell it on the dark web to the highest bidder.  All of the sudden patient trust is destroyed, and along with it your organization's reputation.  You could be a great physician, but if something like this happens your practice could be toast.  

Solution:  Monitor your trusted employees with InsiderAssess.  It's a simple online tool that asks your employees a few simple questions every three months or so to help you analyze their situation... their loyalty; their mental state; their general commitment to their oath to serve patients.  Soteritech's InsiderAssess tool makes this type of simple proactive monitoring a reality.

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