Could an Executive be an Insider Threat?

Not usually, but consider this.  An Executive of your organization, who typically has broad access to files and information about employees and inventions, is bored one Friday afternoon and starts poking around on the company intranet.  He finds he has access to lots of information about the company's R&D... because of his stature.  Some of the new inventions seem pretty cool and he sees some plans for the "next big thing".  Well it's 4:30pm and he doesn't have time to read the whole thing so he downloads it onto his computer to read over the weekend.  The weekend comes and goes.  The file still exists.  The Exec's computer is stolen the next week from his car in a parking garage.  The rest... as they say... is history.  The Chinese build the new invention at a fraction of the cost and begin to sell it, thus putting the Exec's company out of business.  

CIOInsight tells of similar situations.  This is serious.  Executives need to be trained on how to protect their organization's intellectual property.  Soteritech can help.