Often called "active shooter" training, our training covers these topics as well as training for managers, supervisors and select individuals who are expected to ensure the safety of other employees during situations of escalated hostile conditions created by unstable employees or subcontractors. This training provides a general overview of how managers and employees (such as facility security officers) should react and report during dangerous employee situations.

Dangerous Insider Threat Training

This training is specifically designed for executives, managers and others who are "responsible" for employees and contractors.  While this course covers some of the "active shooter" concepts that law enforcement trains, it also focuses on situations of extreme anger and hostility in the workplace.  Many of us have experienced a co-worker pushed to their limits through personal and work issues.  Sometimes these people have "snapped" when just one-more thing happens at work.  They go over the edge yelling and screaming, and possibly hitting or physically threatening others in the workplace.   These could be otherwise very calm and normal people who have typically behaved with the utmost professionalism and good conduct, but their situation becomes beyond what they can bear.  Once that happens, what would you do?

A typical syllabus for the Dangerous Insider Threat Training follows this path:

  • Culture of Security
  • Insider Threat Examples
  • Dangerous Insider Threat Indicators
  • Environment Awareness
  • Manager Role and Responsibilities
  • Threat Identification
  • Reacting
  • Employee Safety
  • Simulations
  • Getting Started

This is a one-day (7-8 hour) course typically delivered on-site at the client's facility with a maximum individual class size of 25.  Soteritech may arrange classroom space and refreshments if needed at an additional charge.  

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