We have developed and deliver employee-level training related to gaining a functional understanding of insider threats, their impact to organizations and society, indicators they should be aware of, as well as standard and anonymous reporting options available.  Our focus is to help employees feel comfortable participating in establishing the Culture of Security, and also help the organization achieve NISPOM Change 2 compliance if needed.

Insider Threat Training - Employee

Employees are the eyes and ears of any insider threat detection and determent program.  It's important for them to realize they're not being a tattletale if they report someone behaving erratically or out of context.  The insider threat program is just as much for their safety as it is for the health of the organization.  The FBI has identified a list of a hundred or more "indicators" for potential insider threats.  It will be important for employees to be aware of these indicators, and how to use the proper channels within the organization to report when things come to their attention.  In the class we'll review these indicators and step through several simulations to help employees understand what to look for, and how to react.

A typical syllabus for the Employee Training follows this path:

  • Culture of Security
  • Insider Threat Examples
  • Insider Threat Indicators
  • Employee role and responsibilities
  • Threat Identification
  • Reporting
  • Staying Safe
  • Simulations
  • Getting Started

This is typically a 3 hour course delivered on-site at the client's facility with a maximum individual class size of 25.  Soteritech may arrange classroom space and refreshments if needed at an additional charge.  Soteriech may also consider delivering a subset of this content via live web-based instruction for groups of 100 or more, although session size would be limited.

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