The first proactive insider threat detection and prevention tool...

Imagine if you were able to detect insider threats before they were able to sabotage your organization.  Most insider threat detection and prevention approaches recommend a tool to monitor your network, or training for your employees.  These approaches address much but are hit or miss at best.  A more successful approach is to target the potentially threatening individuals themselves.  


Ever interview for a job online, where the computer asks you questions and records your responses?  Soteritech has joined forces with an internationally successful online video-based interview and hiring organization that provides a highly sophisticated artificial intelligence engine fueling our development of the world's first insider threat, video-based detection tool.  

the basics

Through a software as a service (SaaS) solution we initiate a short survey with your employees (any that you choose, but especially those with access to classified information) and ask questions about their lives and work activities related to potential insider threat indicators.  We video-record their responses.  We then analyze their responses through thousands of data points related to their language, intonation, and facial expressions to determine whether or not they are responding truthfully, and within normal behaviors.  Each interview is provided an insider ThreatScore that is shared with the client, and can be measured over time.  If conducted on a routine basis, such as every quarter, we can help our clients detect behavior anomalies that could lead to insider threat situations.

The Solution

If your organization has sensitive information you would like to protect, then InsiderAssess could be a proactive insider threat solution that's right for you.

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