I am very proud to have been selected to serve on the Board of Directors for the International Association of Human Resources Information Management (IHRIM) starting in 2017.  For more than a decade I have enjoyed helping to apply technology solutions to solve the human resources issues within organizations.  I am very much looking forward to making deeper connections with the HR community in this new role.

Soteritech Focus

Effective July 1, 2016, Soteritech will focus its services on training for Insider Threat working groups and Insider Threat program development for our clients, as well as dangerous threat training including firearms safety.  Looking forward to honing in and delivering these valuable services.

Rescheduling Conforming Change 2 Training Class

Rescheduling our Public Insider Threat Training to support Conforming Change 2 (originally scheduled for June 30) until later in July... maybe even August  Apparently folks like to take vacations.  Will post soon when the next public class is scheduled.  In the meantime, if your organization needs help with insider threat program development or custom training, just let us know at training@soteritech.com.

Hope everyone has a wonderful summer.

FDIC Data Breach

As reported by Federal News Radio, officials at the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation say the agency’s data breach was under control before data fell into the wrong hands, but the case serves as an important lesson that not all insider threats are malicious.  Simple negligence — losing an office laptop or copying the wrong file onto a flash drive — can be just the sort of vulnerability that can expose sensitive government data to the wrong people.