Soteritech Insider Threat Tip Line

Sometimes the hardest thing about voicing a potential insider threat is losing your anonymity.  You may see something suspicious but let it go simply because you don't want to be seen as a snitch or potentially be wrong about the suspicion.  Soteritech is proud to intermediate this free service.  As a trusted advisor and advocate for reducing the damage caused by insider threats, anyone can submit an insider threat tip using the secure form below, and remain anonymous to your organization... That's our guarantee.

Make the Soteritech Tip Line part of your organization’s complete Insider Threat Prevention program

How it works:

  1.  Complete the fields below describing a legitimate suspicious insider threat activity at your organization in the Tip Message field, being sure to enter the Destination Email address of the person (or distribution) that should receive the message at your organization.   These fields are required.
  2.  Submit the form.
  3.  The Soteritech team will review your insider threat tip, and any other information submitted by you, for legitimacy.
  4.  Within 24 hours, or sooner, Soteritech will forward your insider threat tip to the email address you provide, with no reference to where or from whom the tip originated.  Entering your own email address is completely optional, and will not be transmitted or communicated to the Destination Email.  If you provide your own email address it will only be used to communicate with you.

Our Promise:  Soteritech will not reword or modify the text of the insider threat tip message in any way.  It will be simply forwarded.  Insider threat tips deemed illegitimate, at Soteritech's discretion, will not be forwarded. 

If you do supply your email address it will only be used to contact you if you request us to in the Tip Message field.  All email to us is encrypted.