What We Do

  • Evaluate existing Insider programs using a proven Approach (See InsiderAssess)

  • Train Working Groups to respond to potential threats

  • Develop custom Programs

  • train employees to recognize threats and How to respond to dangerous situations


Our Mission

Our mission is to reduce intellectual property theft for our clients and increase employee security by developing and implementing effective insider threat determent and detection programs, and training organizations to institute a
Culture of Security.




We deliver training to the analysts and executive team who will be directly monitoring for insider threats, sometimes referred to as the "HUB".  We teach the principles of appropriate insider threat detection, who should be involved, escalation procedures, policies, collaboration and effective communication.
-- One day Course (Learn More)


We work with executive management to gain program buy-in.  We evaluate the client's current state of policies related to insider threat management, and develop a plan to achieve an effective insider threat management state.  We create and deliver the program plan for change management and execution.  The engagement includes an audit/assessment, plan development, change management support, and implementation oversight.  Our job is to get the organization Culture of Security certified, and also help achieve NISPOM Change 2 compliance if needed.
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Employee Insider Threat Training:

We have developed and deliver employee-level training related to gaining a basic understanding of insider threats, their impact to organizations and society, indicators they should be aware of, as well as standard and anonymous reporting options available.  Our focus is to help employees feel comfortable participating in establishing the Culture of Security, and also help the organization achieve NISPOM Change 2 compliance if needed.
-- Half day course (Learn More)

dangerous insider threat training:

Often called "active shooter" training, our training covers these topics as well as training for managers, supervisors and select individuals who are expected to ensure the safety of other employees during situations of escalated hostile conditions created by unstable employees or subcontractors. This training provides a general overview of how managers and employees (such as facility security officers) should react and report during dangerous employee situations.  Separate Firearm Safety Training is also available as a service through Sote.pro (a division of Soteritech, LLC).
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